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New! 2018 Edition of Delmarva Review, including the short story “Cantabile” by John J. McKeon.


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Other Harbors is beautifully written, with compelling prose that offers depth without being sloggy.”

“…expressive writing evoking a distant time to portray a working class immigrant experience…Tom Wolfe said the American novel is dying from anorexia, but this book represents food for thought.”

“When memory is shown to be faulty, and who is telling the story matters, where then is the line between non-fiction and fiction? The story has all the dashes of excitement you might hope for from a secret history…”

 — From Amazon and Goodreads reviews of Other Harbors

 John J. McKeon grew up Irish in Brooklyn, New York, but always noticed that his family seemed to be full of Italians and his grandparents talked to each other in German. The family also abounded with legends of gangsters, bootleggers and orphan girls trying to make their way through life.

John’s novels and short stories have been shaped by this immersion in the “melting pot,” as well as by his career as a newspaper reporter, Congressional staffer and free-lance business writer.

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