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The Point of the Spear (2018)

Other Harbors (2017)

Spear Cover 2

“You think, if something is buried, you have to dig it up,” is the charge against Con Tully, a wealthy American who wants to build a performing arts center on a hillside overlooking a picturesque river.

Something was buried on the site: Ancient human bones, whose discovery touches off a controversy.

A Native American tribe wants to stop the dig, and a heavily armed neo-Nazi group occupies the site to assure it proceeds.

An archaeology grad student with a harsh deadline takes on the excavation. A young local reporter who breaks the story soon has to deal with unwelcome echoes of her own past.

The Point of the Spear confronts all of these people with the question: What price do we pay for digging up the past?

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Other Harbors

Harbors Cover 2

In the winter of 1924-25, John Lynch, a Brooklyn electrician and bootlegger, loses his wife and youngest daughter in rapid succession, and, overwhelmed, places his four remaining daughters in St. Agatha’s Home in upstate New York.

The oldest sister, Kathleen, tries to shepherd her sisters through years at St. Agatha’s, then gives up a religious vocation to marry an aspiring gangster—bargaining, in the process, for secure homes for the other girls.

But the bargain soon goes awry, and the girls grow in their separate ways, experiencing their father’s death, their separation, the Depression, World War II, courtships, marriages, children, illness.

The sisters’ lives are both commonplace and extraordinary: Lives of aspiration, love and loss.

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